Dienstag, 5. Oktober 2010

Reimage Celestix TMG/UAG Appliance

When working with Celestix Forefront MSA/WSA Appliances you may have to reinstall the Appliance with the default TMG/UAG-Image at some point. It is really easy to reset the Appliance after having followed the various steps as described in the userguide. The image is then reinstalled on the hardware and several actions  will take place to finish the appliance setup thereafter. Some basic initialization tasks take place after the image is copied to the hardware which actually is the core set up of the machine. Some auto-admin-logon tasks start and several vbscripts run during the post installation phase. At this point you might experience a problem that the vbscript does not stop running. The script hangs and nothing more happens. The Appliance fails to reinitialize and all the features, including the typical first-start wizards of TMG/UAG will fail. If you compare the intructions in the Celestix userguide you won´t see any mistakes you may have made. The solution to the problem is that the network interfaces eth0 and eth1 need to have a physical link to run the initialization scripts. There is no documentation about this prerequisit. Hence, you simply need to crossover these two ports or link them to a switch and the reset process will run properly. Celestix has been informed about this documentation issue and I hope they will add this missing information as soon as possible to their Appliance userguide.

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